Best Quality Pakistani Dates

Pakistan is the only country in South Asia which grows dates on commercial scale. Pakistan produces a large variety of fruits and vegetables almost round the Year. Date production in Pakistan ranks third in fruits and same is the case in case of Exports. . It is one of the largest commercial fruit of Pakistan. The harvesting season for dates starts in July and runs until September. There are more than 160 varieties of dates palm in the country, among them the popular varieties are: Aseel, Zahidi, Fasli, Maazwati, Dhakki, Kharbalian, Begum Jangi, Aseel of Khairpur, Dhakki of D.I.Kkan and Begum Jangi of Mekran are best of all varieties of dates grown in Pakistan in terms of demand and popularity due to their exotic taste. These varieties have surpassed by none and are matched with Deglet Nour, Zahidi and few others of world most popular dates. Out of these varieties, Sindh contributes around 50% of dates produced in Pakistan

Dates are exported in two forms as either fresh dates or dried dates. Fresh dates are exported to the USA, Canada, France, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany etc. and UAE while 90% of dried dates are exported to India
India and Bangladesh are two largest importers of Pakistani dry dates. Pakistani dates have a huge national and international market demand. Although Pakistan currently stands at fifth position in dates producing countries,

We are leading exporters suppliers of best quality Dates from Pakistan. We trade (export) and deal in all types (varieties) of Pakistani Dates. We are the first choice of International Dates Buyers. Dates grown in the Pakistani Farms then selected, pitted and processed by its ISO Certified Factory are marketed all over the world. Pakistan is rich in producing dates of different varieties and ranks at world’s fifth largest dates producing country. Pakistani Dates are very famous for flavored taste, softness and sweetness.


Pakistan is the major producer of Best Quality Aseel Dates in world dates market.
Aseel Dates variety is considered as one of the superior and commercial varieties of dates grown in Pakistan. It is grown mainly in Khairpur District of Sindh Province.
These Dates are semi-dry with a dark brown skin. These are oval shape, larger in size and hence plenty of meat.Aseel Date is an excellent semi-dry variety with fruit size around 4.3 cm in length and 2.5 cm in diameter depending on the quality. Size of Aseel Date varies with gradee.
Aseel is the best variety of Pakistani dates famous for its sweetness, nutritious value and long shelf life. Aseel Dates are used in making date paste or energy bars as a major ingredient.Aseel Dates are versatile and easy to add to your sweet diet. Aseel Dates can be eaten as raw, used in smoothies, stuffed, or as a natural sweetener in desserts.
Dates have a natural balance of many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, selenium and potassium. All of these minerals work in harmony to help lower blood pressure on a daily basis.


Aseel dry dates (Choharay) in bulk or wholesale quantity. Our team is specialized in producing dry dates in all grades and also Organic Dry Dates. We being the leading suppliers also produce Jumbo Size DryDates.
Dates are nature’s gift; rich with multiple vitamins that give human body a great strength, stamina and vitality. Dried dates can be eaten raw and used in a variety of products like cakes, sweets, marzipans, puddings, bread . Dates can even be used in cookies, ice-cream or candy bars.Dates are sometimes used to make pickles as well. There are even juices of dates that are used as a non-alcoholic drink .Dates are cholesterol free as well as fat free and are a very important source of energy and food.Dry Dates is also used in combination with betel net


Dhaki, Dates are a famous produce of Dera Ismail Khan. Dhaki, a small village in this northwestern Pakistani region, is known for its chuara — dry palm dates with hardened skin. These dates are distinguished by their distinct flavor and are considered a concentrated source of nutrients. Dhaki dates are comparatively larger in size and yellow in coloring when they are ripe and harvested.


• Begum Jangi Dates from Pakistan. Begum Jangi Dates are unique in taste and enriched with natural vitamins that keep you fit and healthy.
• Begum Jangi Dates are known for their exquisite sweet taste and delightful.
• these Organic Begum Jangi Dates are the best among the Pakistani varieties of Dates.
• Therefore, special dishes, bakery products, ice creams and desserts uses Begum Jangi Dates for enrichment, taste and nutritional values.
Begum Jangi Dates are soft and short dates. Medium thin skin and rather easily broken, soft, syrupy tasting date.


Rabbi Dates from Pakistan. Rabbi Dates are among the most famous crop of Balochistan Dates. Rabbi Dates is kind of dates which are soft, dark brown in color and long in size. This date is semi-dried with moisture under %15.Rabbi Dates are of semi-dry texture and long shelf life, Rabbi’s dates are easy to preserve and maintain. For this reason, the issue of export has been very much considered. Rabbi Dates have enough sugar. The delicious taste of this appetizing fruit is well-suited as a good food ingredient generally.
It has a long shelf life and can be stored for a long time period.

• Additionally it has a good export market for use in Date Block, Dated Paste and as Chopped Dates.
• Rabbi Dates are used on large scale for industrial products and confectioneries.


Muzafati is in attractive black color and moisture between 15% to 35% and a size from 2.5 to 4.5 cm. It is considered the most important type of economical dates. it is full of vitamin B and can provide needed daily energy, which has a succulent flesh and soft texture.