PK-386 non-basmati rice

PK-386 Rice is known as non-basmati rice Varity and its fragrance is same as per the basmati rice which is cultivated in Punjab. This rice is cheaper as compare to Basmati Rice variety. This variety we have been exporting to Middle East and African markets.

Pk-386 is popular for its aroma in Europe, Middle East and also known as best aromatic basmati rice.


  • PK-386 Non-Basmati White Rice
  • PK-386 Non-Basmati Brown Rice
  • PK-386 Non-Basmati Parboiled Rice (Sella)

PK-386 Rice Specifications

Moisture Content 14 % Max
Average Grain Length 6.80 MM
Polishing Grade Double / Silky Polished
Broken Grains 2 % Max
Chalky Grains 3 % Max
Foreign Grains 0.2 % Max
Foreign Matter 0.1 % Max
Paddy Grain 0.2 % Max
Under-milled & Red-striped 2 % Max