Himalayan Industrial Salt

Salt are so many applications in industries all is simply using salt in industries. In industries have over 13,000 applications that involve salt! Paints, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, detergents, treating skins and pelts, tanneries, etc. salt is needed everywhere. Too many processes to name here But whatever the application Always our guarantee of the right product for specific need.

Dieceing Salt Road Salt

Oil Refinery Grade Salt

Refine Salt Powder For Dry Sauna

Salt For Brine Solution

Salt For Water Softeneing

Chor – Alkali Grade Industrial salt

The essential raw material for the membrane Chlor-Alkali Process is Purified Sodium Chloride. In the production of Chlorine   and Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) salt plays an important role to avoid trouble in the production. As the membrane technology is introduces in the Chlor-Alkali Electrolysis, the demand has been increased on the quality salt. At the moment we have been offering 4 different grades to the Chlor-Alkali Industries and they absolutely free from Ca, Mg(SO4-2Sr) Ba, Al and Fe

Flossy Industrial salt

It is used mainly in processing of cattle skin specially in tanning industry. Other chemicals like Boric acid 1.0%, Sodium fluoride 1% are added which control the bacterial growth in the hide.

Other Industrial salt

Salt Tablet,Nitrite salt , Oil Drilling Grade Salt, Oil Refinery Grade Salt , Pharmaceutical Grade Salt , Textile Grade Salt, Dyes Manufacturing Grade Salt , Water Softening Grade Salt .Double Fortified salt.Road De-icing/Snow melting salt, Sheep Casing Grade, Soap, Detergent And Glycerin, Special Ultra-Pure Bromine Free Grade Salt, Textile Dyeing Grade Salt