Best Quality Irani Dates

The date crop in Iran for all species (dried, semi-dried and fresh) . Iran shares 20 percent of the world date production and is the second largest date producer in the world.Iran produce 200,000 tonnes of dried date, 600,000 tonnes of semi-dried or fresh-to-dry date and 200,000 tonnes of fresh date in its 180,000 hectares of palm groves mostly situated in the provinces of Kerman(21.1%), Bushehr(13.4%), Khuzestan(17.6%), Fars (12.3%), Hormozgan(21.6%), and Sistan-Beluchestan(12.2%). The most exquisite species of dates are produced in Iran. Some of the important types of Iranian date are Piarom, Sayer, Mazafati, Zahedi, Kabkab, Rotab, Rabbi, Kalooteh and Shahabi.
The state of Kerman as the main source of dates in Iran and also central location between the Fars, Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces allows us maximum access to all varieties of dates in Iran.
Grading of Iranian dates based on percentage of moisture:
Dried Date: It refers to a ripe date which moisture is below 15% (Zahedi dates, etc.)
Semi Dried Date: It refers to a ripe date with the moisture between 15% to 18% (Sayer, Piarom, Rabbi, dates, etc.)
Fresh Date: It refers to a ripe date with the moisture between 18% to 35% (Mazafati dates, etc.)


The Mazafati Date, also known as Kimia and Mazafati Rotab. its tasty and affordable prices, this date is widely consumed in the world.The best kind of Mazafati dates grows in Bam city.
The high quality and the best type of Mazafati, which has the largest customers, is the same color as black, which has the right moisture.There are also dry Mazafati date in brown color.
The size of the date is between 2.5 and 4.5 cm
The taste of these dates is completely sweet and unique.
This date can be used as a food during the day.
It can be used to produce a variety of cake, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and other delicious meals. This date has high nutritional value.
It has a lot of potassium in its structure.
It also has high iron and sugar


Piarom Date is one of the Iranian Dates is most delicious and semi dry date in iran.
Piarom dates are cultivated in southern Iran and in the province of hormozgan.This date is similar to chocolate, so it is also known as chocolate dates.It also has a lot of sugar and protein content and has a high nutritional value.Piarom in the world is one of the most expensive dates
Piarom be used to improve vision.dates prevent lesions and cancer cells.
It is also suitable for pregnant women and will contribute greatly to the proper development of the embryo.


Rabbi dates are one of the dates of production in Iran.These dates, like many Iranian dates, grow only in Iran and are of high quality in Sistan and Baluchestan.The color of this date is typically dark brown in color with a dark black color.these dates are shapes like ovals.These dates have a unique flavor.these dates have a sweet taste. The dates are nutritious because of the nutrients and nutrients of the body.Dates can improve vision.This delicious food can also prevent osteoporosis.Dates also contain vitamins B and C, which is also suitable for the common cold.This date is also very low in fat.


Zahedi Date is one of the dates produce in Iran.These dates are one of the most economical dates in Iran.the date is also the product of southern Iran.these dates grow in Iraq as well as in the United States.These dates are like eggs or ovals.These dates can be used as a perfectly healthy snack.It can also be used to prevent osteoporosis and physical weakness.


Deglet Noor Dates is one of the most widely known dates in the world that is cultivated in Iran and Tunis.The origin of Deglet Noor Dates back to Algeria, Libya, Tunisia.deglet Noor Dates is one of the most commercial date varieties.Iran is also one of the manufacturers of Deglet Noor Dates.These dates can be considered a part of dry dates.Generally, these dates is clear honey color.Deglet noor dates can be used as sweeteners.The light Deglet dates can be used to improve vision as well as enhance the digestive system.These dates are a good source of minerals for children, adults, pregnant women, and so on.


Kabkab Date are the most popular dates in Iranian production.These dates are cultivated in southern Iran.These dates are completely dark brown in color.These dates have a unique flavor.These dates can be used as sweeteners.These dates have a lot of energy for daily consumption.These dates have enough magnesium.Due to the presence of natural sugars in the structure of these dates, it can be a good alternative to sugar.