IRRI-6 Rice non-basmati

IRRI-6 is a non-basmati but white long grain rice but is shorter in length and width comparing to IRRI 9 Rice. This variety is cultivated in Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. IRRI-6 Rice Varity is exported to Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle East and is non-aromatic rice.

IRR6 Rice is better in terms of cooking as we compare to other Asian origin white rice. IRR6 Rice Export is increasing annually because of its best cooking results and has become the choice many cuisines worldwide due to its quality and results.


  • IRRI6 White Rice
  • IRRI6 Parboiled (Sella)

IRRI6 Non-Basmati Specifications

Moisture Content 13 % Max
Average Grain Length 6.00 MM
Polishing Grade Double / Silky Polished
Broken Grains 2 % Max
Chalky Grains 3 % Max
Foreign Grains 0.2 % Max
Foreign Matter 0.1 % Max
Paddy Grain 0.2 % Max
Under-milled & Red-striped 2 % Max