Saudi Arabia:

Date Palm Tree is the most important tree in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is considered the third largest producer of Dates in the world. Dates Palm Tree has variety of types (about 300 types) some of which cannot be distinguished except by experts.Heavenly Religions give extra attention to the Palm Tree, too. Palm Trees were mentioned in the Quran, Torah, and the Bible several times. Islam gives Palm Trees more attention and importance.
Palm Tree was used in different cultures as a symbolic for peace, victory, fertility, or other symbols. Palm tree is one of the old long-lasting trees in the Arabian Peninsula. Travelers who passed the Arabian Peninsula transferred Palm Tree with them to their countries.


The Ajwa dates are a black dates grown in the Madina munawara region of Saudi Arabia. It is sweet, fruity and fresh flavor. The dates tend to be small in size and have a flexible feel. It is the most exquisite and pricey of the dates varieties, especially in Saudi Arabia. Despite its higher cost, the Ajwa variety of dates are always high in demand because of its religious significance. We are the exporter of dates of all kinds all through the world.Ajwa dates contain vitamin A, B-complex vitamins: B1 thiamine, B2 riboflavin, nicotinic acid (niacin). Also, it is natural source of folic acid, which is one of the important micronutrients. Kidney which is one of the vital organs of the body is protected by the dates against various drugs.

  • Black color
  • Medium size-long
  • Soft
  • Sweet taste


Anbara dates are one of the finest of Madinah dates. Anbara is a soft and fleshy dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. It is cultivated in Madinah and is well renowned for its size as it is the largest of the Madinah dates. It is amongst the most expensive and also comes in king size.


These are cultivated in Madinah and have a soft, dry texture. They are chewy in quality and possess a heavenly sweetness that lingers on.


  • > Brown colour
  • > Medium Size – long
  • > Hard
  • > Mildly Sweet taste

Safawi dates are an extraordinary form of dates mostly grown in Saudi Arabia in the region of Al-Madina. These dates are a soft, semi-dried date variety; characteristically identified by their particular deep black color, their length and medium size. Similarities with Ajwa dates such as

  • > Dark brown black colour
  • > Long shape
  • > Soft Chewy
  • > Sweet taste
  • > Wrinkled & Slightly flaky


Khudri is cultivated in Riyadh. It is dark brown in color and available in large and medium sizes. It is dry and wrinkled, and known for its distinct sweetness.

  • > Dark red brown colour
  • > Long shape
  • > Soft Chewy
  • > Moderate Sweet taste
  • > Wrinkled & flaky skin


These crisp dates are cultivated in Riyadh and famous for their dual shade and texture. They are usually brown and soft on the whole but golden and dried at the tip with moderate sweetness.


  • > Light brown Colour with lighter top
  • > Long oval shape
  • > chewy not dry
  • > Sweet taste
  • > Wrinkled but don’t flake


These are cultivated in Qaseem region and are known for their mesmerizing brown color, flaky texture and exotic sweetness.


  • > Light brown yellow color
  • > Cone shape
  • > Soft
  • > Sweet taste
  • > Crispy Layer on top


Khalas dates are a light brown soft variety of delicious dates from Saudi Arabia.

  • > Hazel colour
  • > Medium size -long
  • > Very Soft, moist & Sticky
  • > Mildly Sweet taste
  • > Smooth skin